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Are you having trouble with waste in your drains and toilets? Is your stormwater drain blocked? Have you noticed problems with overflowing drains after a downpour?

That’s when you need a sewer or stormwater plumber, and we’ve got you covered. At Platform Plumbing, we restore damaged drainage systems or blocked stormwater drains in Melbourne to ensure that your property is protected from any sewer or stormwater damage.

What Is Sewer And Stormwater Plumbing?

Sewer drainage consists of a system of underground pipes that safely carries your waste and sewage away from your bathroom, kitchen, or any other plumbing components in your home. A plumber equipped to handle sewer drainage can address any problems that you may have with this particular system of pipes.

A stormwater drain carries away water that has drained off a particular site during or after rainfall. Rain which runs off your roofs, driveways, roads, or pathways run directly into stormwater drainage. Therefore, a stormwater plumber’s job is to ensure that your stormwater drains are acting as they should to prevent issues with overflowing and so on.

What Do We Do?

At Platform Plumbing, our sewer and stormwater plumbers can help with the following:

  • Blocked or broken drains
  • Installation of new drains
  • Clogged sinks, toilets or other plumbing facilities
  • Improved stormwater management
  • Improved sewer pipe management

We utilise the latest specialised plumbing equipment to ensure that the tasks get done effectively. We use NaviTrack equipment to quickly and efficiently determine the location of your pipelines underground, as well as CCTV to inspect the source of your piping issues. We also use high pressure jetters to ensure that your drains and sewers are kept clean and in superb condition.

Why Choose Platform Plumbing?

If you are looking for a sewer and stormwater plumber in Melbourne with experience servicing both residential and commercial buildings, then Platform Plumbing is your answer.

Our dedicated team believes in using our expertise to help our clients on a case-by-case basis. With our caring touch and personalised plumbing solutions, you can be sure that you receive plumbing services that will address all your sewer and stormwater problems at hand.

Find out more about our team or refer to our client testimonials to hear more about our past work. You can also get in touch with us for more information or for any plumbing enquiries.


  • Mike Webb

    Mike Webb
    Residential deep sewer excavation, Coburg

    We had three opinions and none of them were definitive which was very frustrating. A friend of mine’s a tradie. When I asked for a quality plumber, he gave me Ben’s name – they’d worked on some project together. A recommendation from another tradie is invaluable.

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    Mike Webb

    Residentail Home Owner

  • Angus Pearson

    Angus Pearson
    Householder, Armadale

    Ben is reliable, practical with his solutions, and always turns up on time. He has never messed us around, does the best value-for-money job and has maintained the property in really good condition.

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    Angus Pearson

    Householder, Armadale

  • Andrew Muling

    Andrew Muling, Managing Director Glen Waverley Jim’s Building Inspections Glen Waverley

    Ben conducts plumbing inspection on behalf of my company and I’ve received nothing but positive feedback. He’s extremely reliable, punctual and good at what he does. He always follows up with clients, it’s nice touch and goes a long way.

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    Andrew Muling

    Managing Director, Jim’s Building Inspections Glen Waverley

  • Erica Wu

    Erica Wu, Director
    Equity Partners Property Group (EPPG)

    When I give a job to Ben, I consider the job is done and wait for the invoice to come. It’s as simple as that. He has made the property management side of our business much easier for us because I don’t have to constantly follow up these job.

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    Erica Wu

    Equity Partners Property Group (EPPG)

  • Robert Ciccarella

    Robert Ciccarella, Director, R&N Building Services

    We’re a building company, specialising in Owners Corporation property maintenance and repair work, and over the years we’ve worked with a lot of maintenance plumbers.

    Ben and the Platform Plumbing team are an impressive operation: clean, organised, and good at their trade. We share the same work ethic and insistence on open communication. That’s hard to find.

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    Robert Ciccarella

    Director, R&N Building Services

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