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Testimonial: Jim’s Building Inspections

Andrew Muling, Managing Director Glen Waverley
Jim’s Building Inspections Glen Waverley

“I know Ben through a business networking group. I immediately gravitated to him, he’s a good bloke and tells it like it is. We struck up a friendship straight away and through our businesses we have been able to help one another.

Ben conducts plumbing inspection on behalf of my company and I’ve received nothing but positive feedback. He’s extremely reliable, punctual and good at what he does. He always follows up with clients, it’s nice touch and goes a long way.

I had a situation in Glen Waverly where I identified a major plumbing defect that was going to go into the report. Luckily the vendor was home and agreed to have Ben assess the situation. Ben was in around in 30 minutes and got it fixed for him before he sold his property. The vendor couldn’t have asked for better service

I say to everyone, I only recommend the best because if they’re no good, I look bad. I know that Ben and his team do the job properly. You don’t have to get him back time and again and it’s good quality.

His communication skills are excellent, and he’s very responsive. If I call him or a client calls him, he’s out straight away.

I’m only interested in people who do the right thing and do a good job, they’re the only people I’m interested in. That includes Ben and the crew at Platform Plumbing.”

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