Testimonial: New residential build

Kerry-Ann Williams
New residential build, Caulfield South

“Ben’s always courteous and reasonably priced compared to other trades and plumbers. He’s thoughtful, courteous and picks up the phone at all times, never leaving you waiting in an emergency. And always lets you know if there’s a delay.

You feel safe when you’re with Ben. I’ve known him for three years and I find Ben extremely reliable and trustworthy. I would actually give him the key to my house that’s how much I trust him.

We have a new build and Ben has worked out plumbing problems that our builder wasn’t able to resolve.

For example, we had a water tank in our garden that wasn’t dug in deep enough and the water was spewing out. Ben advised us to take it out otherwise it would have continued to overfill every time it rained and in 10 years, we’d have to replace the sewage system because it would be damaged by being continuously soaked with dirty water. He just made the problem all go away and it didn’t cost very much at all.

I feel so lucky to have him as our family plumber. We’ve had so many bad builders and tradespeople that have wrecked the new house, done damage, haven’t cleaned up, and over charged us. That would never happen with Ben.”

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