Get ahead of your household plumbing issues and save money and lives
Ben Wong, our founder and director will come out to your existing or prospective home, or investment property, and conduct a full inspection of your household plumbing systems: drinking water (pipes, taps and drainage), sanitary drainage (that’s your toilets covered) and storm water drainage (your roof and guttering).

Spend $250 + GST on our Preventative Care Maintenance Inspection & Report service (including major and minor defect recommendations with photos and a detailed quote for both levels of repair) and get $250 Cash Back on all major defects detailed in the report completed within 90 days.
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Preventative plumbing preserves commercial property value 
If you’ve had to absorb costly repairs in the past or the expense of multiple call outs are killing your margins, Platform Plumbing’s Preventative Care package  is your insurance against future pain.

Our Preventative Maintenance Inspection & Report eliminates the spectre of these and other costs impacting new and ageing buildings by ensuring that you have a plan for maintaining your properties and holding and improving their value.

Stop fighting spot fires and partner with Ben Wong and the Platform Plumbing team. As experienced project and construction plumbers, we understand how new buildings are put together.

With our expertise and experience we diagnose issues with new builds and design remediation works that comply with and exceed the Australian plumbing regulations (AS3500). And as maintenance plumbers we use our construction and project experience to ensure our maintenance designs and execution are working with the building’s ‘bones’ not against it.

Call us today for a customised cost estimate on the scope of your job so that you can get ahead of the issues – we’ve got you covered.
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