electric boiler water heater on the blue wall

Hot Water Services FAQ

There is water dripping from the open pipe on the side of my storage hot water service. What is this pipe and why is this happening? The pipe which you […]

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FAQ – Difference Between Mixer & Spindle Type Taps

Leaking taps are one of our most common enquires. With an estimated 10 million taps in just Victoria alone, it is easy to see why! In domestic homes, there are […]

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What To Do In A Plumbing Emergency: 4 Pro Tips

A few top tips about what to do in a plumbing emergency can go a long way in helping you to reduce the damage to your fixtures and fittings while […]

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8 Incredible Ways to Conserve Water for Your Home

Conserving water is important because it helps to protect the environment, minimises the effects of drought and water shortages but also helps to reduce your water bills. In this article, […]

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Platform Plumbing kicks off COVID-19 radio campaign on JOY FM

Platform Plumbing’s Ben Wong features in the company’s first-ever radio campaign to raise awareness during the COVID-19 lockdown that plumbing has been declared an essential service.

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Ben Wong Platform Plumbing

Protecting our customers and our team from COVID-19

Platform Plumbing will continue to provide plumbing services, deemed essential by the government, during the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure you have a safe place to live and work. This is how Ben […]

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Ben Platform Plumbing

Platform Plumbing’s got you covered 24/7

Ben Wong, founder of Platform Plumbing, talks about how they are prepared to meet your needs and service your business or home during Covid19 lockdown restrictions in 2020.

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